Publications & Presentations


Frontiers in Immunology – May 2022

Pharmacological Inhibition of MALT1 Ameliorates Autoimmune Pathogenesis and Can Be Uncoupled from Effects on Regulatory T cells.
Subhabrata Biswas, PhD, MBA, Aditi Chalishazar, MS, Ynes Helou, PhD, Joanna DiSpirito, PhD, Brian DeChristopher, PhD, Devin Chatterjee, Leidy Merselis, PhD, Benjamin Vincent, PhD, John G. Monroe, PhD, Dania Rabah, PhD and Andrew J. Long, PhD


Gordon Research Conference – Immunometabolism in Health & Disease Conference – June 2022

MALT1 Promotes Memory CD4+ T Cell Energy Metabolism
Ynes Helou, PhD, Chaitanya A. Kulkarni, PhD, Eric H. Ma, PhD, Aditi Chalishazar, MS, Andrew Long, PhD

MALT1 Inhibition Blocks ITAM-Induced Metabolism and Effector Functions In Multiple Immune Cells
Chaitanya A. Kulkarni, PhD, Aditi Chalishazar, MS, Bushra Dabbagh, MS, Katie Sellers, PhD, Joanna R. DiSpirito, PhD, Andrew Long, PhD

63rd ASH Annual Meeting and Exposition – December 2021

Allosteric Inhibition of MALT1 is Efficacious in a Model of Chronic Graft-Versus-Host Disease (cGVHD) and Modulates Immunometabolic Activation
Joanna R DiSpirito, PhD, Mehmet G. Badur, PhD, Subhabrata Biswas, PhD, MBA, Diogo M Camacho, PhD, Aditi Chalishazar, MS, Brian DeChristopher, PhD, Katie Sellers, PhD, Mya Steadman, Keng Soh, PhD, John G. Monroe, PhD, Andrew Long, PhD

American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting – November 2021

Pharmacological Inhibition of MALT1 Reverses Activation-Induced Metabolic Reprogramming and Ameliorates Autoimmune Pathogenesis in Multiple Animal Models of Chronic Inflammation
Brad Biswas, PhD, Chaitanya A. Kulkarni, PhD, Mya Steadman, Ynes Helou, PhD, Katie Sellers, PhD, Keng Soh, PhD, Aditi Chalishazar, Mehmet Badur, PhD, Joanna DiSpirito, PhD, Brian DeChristopher, PhD, John Monroe, PhD, Dania Rabah, PhD, Barbara Fox, PhD, and Andrew Long, PhD

American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting – November 2021

Transcriptional Subsetting of SLE Patient Cohorts Based on Metabolic Pathway Activity
Diogo M. Camacho, PhD, Jennifer L. Swantek, PhD, Keng Soh, PhD, Jurre Kamphorst, PhD, Vivek Kaimal, PhD, John Monroe, PhD, Edward M. Driggers, PhD



The Untapped Opportunity and Challenge of Immunometabolism: A New Paradigm for Drug Discovery (2020)
Claire Mazumdar, Edward M. Driggers, Laurence A. Turka
Cell metabolism, 31(1), 26–34.


The paracaspase MALT1: biological function and potential for therapeutic inhibition (2016)
Maike Jaworski & Margot Thome
Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences, 73, 459–473.

Metabolic Precision Medicine

A roadmap towards personalized immunology (2018)
Sylvie Delhalle, Sebastian F N Bode, Rudi Balling, Markus Ollert, Feng Q He
NPJ systems biology and applications, 4, 9.

Metabolic Control of Autoimmunity and Tissue Inflammation in Rheumatoid Arthritis (2021)
Jingtao Qiu, Bowen Wu, Stuart B. Goodman, Gerald J. Berry, Jorg J. Goronzy and Cornelia M. Weyand
Frontiers in immunology, 12, 652771.