Our Product Engine

Mapping the Immunometabolome to Advance Powerful Therapies

Rheos leverages our unique understanding of the immunometabolome to identify key mechanisms in the pathways that drive immune cell dysfunction and disease. We marry this understanding with experienced target validation and drug discovery teams to translate these foundational insights into new medicines.

imMAP™ Discovery

The foundation of our product engine is the bioinformatic integration of multi-omic datasets to create immunometabolism network maps (imMAPS™) that elucidate both high-value targets and associated metabolite biomarkers to accelerate drug discovery and development.


Multi-Omics Analysis

Targets for Drug Discovery

Product Engine Advantages

  • Understanding of the immune cell metabilism
  • Scalability to target ID, validation & discovery
  • Accelerated Discovery via target-associated biomarkers
  • Targeting immune cell function for tx benefit

Matching patients to therapeutics

Rheos’s platform gives us the ability to not only understand the fundamental metabolic drivers of immune cell differentiation, but also the aberrations in metabolic activity that contribute to persistent immune-mediated diseases. Investigation of these pathways arm us with powerful tools to both understand diseases broadly, and to advance therapies which drastically improve response in biologically distinct patient subpopulations.

Precision Medicine through the Metabolic Lens
The immune system’s activity is defined by its ability to change and adapt, and metabolism is the fundamental currency that drives this ability. Our deep knowledge of immunometabolism thus gives Rheos the ability to understand not only cellular phenotypes, but the differences in the process of their differentiation. By examining the differences between patients both across and within disease states, Rheos is uniquely able to unlock precision medicine approaches to treating these serious conditions.