Our Platform

The Untapped Opportunity of Immunometabolism:
A New Paradigm for Drug Discovery

Rheos uses a systems-level approach to develop a comprehensive understanding of the “ImmunoMetabolome”, which allows us to interrogate novel pathogenic mechanisms.

Platform introduction – ID targets & precision medicine

The foundation of our product engine is the bioinformatic integration of multi-omic datasets to create immunometabolism network maps (imMAPS™) that elucidate both high-value targets and associated metabolite biomarkers to accelerate drug discovery and development.

Defining shifts in metabolism – metabolomics

The function of immune cells is regulated by a network of intracellular metabolic programming, or immunometabolism. Mapping this network allows Rheos to understand the critical pathways that regulate the activation or suppression of immune cells in diseases, and identify the key therapeutic nodes for reprogramming the metabolism of immune cells.

Targeting pathways to tune immune cells

We have implemented a first-in-field approach that builds a comprehensive, systems-level understanding of the metabolic pathways that drive immune cell dysregulation in diseases.

Each immune cell population has distinct function and relies on different metabolic pathways to direct and maintain function.

Reprogram metabolism to direct differentiated immune cells to either pro-inflammatory or suppresive