Title:                      Scientist
Department:      Biology        
Reports To:         Scientist-II, Biology
Location:             Cambridge, MA

Rheos Medicines is a biopharmaceutical company discovering and developing novel medicines that target immune cell metabolism to treat patients with a broad range of severe diseases, including those with autoimmune disease and cancer. We are rapidly advancing a first-infield approach in immunometabolism by applying a comprehensive, systems-biology understanding of the metabolic pathways that drive immune cell function. Launched in2018 by Third Rock Ventures, Rheos is built on groundbreaking science and currently has a team of more than 30 employees advancing our pipeline of immunometabolism drugs.

The Role
Responsible for initiating, designing and developing new scientific projects relevant to different immune related diseases. Ability to also perform a variety of immune based in vitro assays including both cellular and molecular biology techniques. Familiar with in vivo murine models of immune related diseases and capable of in vivo model development as well as immunometabolic techniques such as Seahorse Bioflux analyses.
Major Responsibilities

  • Responsible for developing both in vivo mouse models as well as in vitro immunological assays in the relevant immune diseases
  • Support scientists in developing new assays for example; setting up of mixed lymphocyte reactions, Treg suppression assays, in vitro cytotoxicity assays and projects
  • Independently design, execute studies and perform data analyses
  • Partner with bioinformatics and metabolism scientists to analyze and interpret data to generate novel hypothesis and validate targets for modulation of immune cell functions
  • Innovate and establish novel technologies / platforms for interrogating immune cells in human patient tissues
  • Participate in drug-discovery efforts including developing novel assays for compound screening or biomarker identification
  • Monitor, test and implement cutting edge technologies such as Seahorse Bioflux analyses to drug new targets

Requirements and Qualifications:
Ph.D. Cellular and Molecular Immunology, or Biochemistry with 1-2 years of Postdoctoral experience in immunology, cancer biology or immunometabolism OR MS with 3-5 years’ relevant experience in immunology research and development in the Biotech industry
Required Experience:

  • Extensive experience in invitro immune based assays in isolating, differentiating, culturing and profiling immune cell subsets of both innate and adaptive immunity or various other non-immune cell types.
  • Experience with in vivo mouse models of immune related diseases such as autoimmunity and tumor immunology
  • Hands-on experience with mouse/human immunology strongly preferred
  • Prior experience or track record in Immunometabolism a huge plus

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Ability to design and develop independent projects
  • Ability to be creative and apply a wide variety of scientific concepts and innovate and solve problems
  • Versatile experience with various mouse models
  • Relevant industry experience and working with highly collaborative matrixed project teams
  • Design and execution of methods to support platform and program development including assays for characterizing target expression/engagement
  • Ability to prepare technical reports to support process development/IND filing
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