Product Engine

Product Engine

At the center of Rheos’s innovative approach is a product engine that enables the discovery of novel drugs by providing unprecedented insight into the drivers of immune-mediated diseases. By simultaneously identifying new drug targets and characterizing biomarkers of disease, the Rheos product engine enables, for the first time, a precision medicine approach to treatment of immune-mediated diseases.

Our product engine opens new understanding of immune cell physiology and disease through integration of ‘omics’ data sets – including DNA sequencing, transcriptional and metabolomic profiling. By also incorporating primary patient samples, we build insights that are specific to human disease.

  • From analysis of human samples, we populate Rheos’s Immune Cell Encyclopedia (ICE), a catalog of comparisons that quantify changes in metabolic, transcriptional, and cytokine profiles in immune cells, identifying dysregulated cell types and pathways in specific patient groups.
  • By pinpointing key nodes within dysregulated cellular metabolic pathways we discover novel drug targets that are optimal for disease intervention.
  • Simultaneously with identifying new drug targets, the engine enables discovery of biomarkers that indicate pathways that are activated in certain patient groups, taking into account their diverse disease sub-types.

Technological advances in our ability to integrate “omics” data and functional validation in primary patient samples provides Rheos with unprecedented insight into the drivers of immune-mediated diseases.


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