Meet our Team

At Rheos, we’re just as committed to our team as we are to the science.

As pioneers in a new field of immunometabolism, every one of our employees is empowered to be innovative and bold in their role on our team. At the same time that we challenge each other, we never lose sight of the importance of maintaining an exciting, enjoyable workplace.


“Rheos has a unique platform and a great culture with motivated scientists who are determined to help improve patients lives.”


“At Rheos, everyone has a voice and plays an integral part in how our culture has developed and continues to evolve.”


“I am excited and inspired to be part of a team that has the opportunity to transform the understanding of immune cell metabolism while also delivering therapies to patients in need across a range of disease areas.”


“Rheos is everything I envisioned, providing great opportunities and working with an inspiring team who pushes you to achieve. I appreciate the collaborative experience working across different groups!”


“I am confident working at the interface between metabolism and immunology will allow the Rheos team to transform patient’s lives.”


“I am excited to be working with such a collaborative and innovative team to develop new therapies for patients.”


“There is something really special about being together with a group of smart and diverse scientists on the leading edge of immunometabolism, and the learning (and teaching) experiences it fosters.”


“At Rheos we lead the way in using emergent technologies, enabling us to learn more about immunometabolism and develop new medicines.”


“Enthusiasm at Rheos is catching, and it spreads through the group inspiring breakthroughs and collaborations; every day it’s something new and exciting!”


“Working with enthusiastic coworkers who care as much about the science as the goal of meeting an unmet need for underserved patients”


“Rheos has exposed me to the new facets of science and medicine I otherwise would never have had access to. Being part of the Rheos team and watching us grow is truly inspiring.”


“The culture at Rheos is so inclusive. I am inspired every day by the team's collaboration and motivation to bring new therapeutics to patients.”

Commitment to Each Other: Equality & Our Community
Rheos believes that building a company that values diversity and social justice makes our organization, our industry, and our world better. We are committed to supporting diversity and inclusion, and to recognizing and addressing the impacts of systemic racism and inequality within the biotech industry and the broader community.