Company Overview

Rheos Medicines is a precision medicine company using insights from immunometabolism to bring novel therapeutics to patients suffering from autoimmune diseases.

Launched in 2018 by Third Rock Ventures and pioneers in the field, Rheos is built on groundbreaking science, and we have assembled an experienced and passionate team of scientists, drug developers, and industry- leading advisors to advance a novel pipeline of drugs.

Unlocking precision medicine for autoimmunity through immunometabolism


We are rapidly applying our pioneering knowledge of immunometabolism as the foundation for a comprehensive, systems-biology understanding of the pathways that drive autoimmune disease. This knowledgebase allows Rheos to advance a powerful new class of medicines, and identify the specific patient subgroups who will most benefit from these therapies.

The metabolic activity of immune cells is a critical network of interactions that play a central role in determining immune cell fate and function. Dysregulation of this network is central to the development of autoimmune disease, offering valuable targets for novel therapies. Understanding immunometabolism also serves as the foundation for integration of multi-omic data, to develop an unparalleled understanding of the biology that underlies different patients’ diseases.

We have brought together pioneering scientists, leading clinicians, and an experienced leadership team to advance new and powerful medicines through discovery and into the clinic.