Company Overview

Rheos Medicines is dedicated to dramatically improving outcomes for patients by leading a new era of treating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases with medicines that target the molecular characteristics of these complex diseases.

Rheos is built on groundbreaking science in immunometabolism and innovation in understanding metabolic hubs. We have assembled an experienced and passionate team of scientists, drug developers, and industry-leading advisors to advance a novel pipeline of molecular targeted therapies, along with molecular signatures that predict patient response.

Metabolic hubs unlock better treatment for autoimmune diseases


Moving beyond today’s approaches: Even with the significant progress over the years to evolve treatments from delivering broad immunosuppression for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, therapeutic effectiveness is not achieved in all patients, highlighting the heterogeneity of underlying disease mechanisms. Rheos’ insights into the metabolic hubs that fuel the many immune cell subtypes within the immune system is making it possible to discover and develop new, more effective therapies.

Molecular targeted medicines, patient subsets: With Rheos’ molecularly-targeted approach, our small molecule medicines are designed to deliver better efficacy with fewer side effects. Additionally, our platform identifies molecular signatures to stratify patients and move the field toward a precision medicine approach for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases.

At the core of our drug innovation are metabolic hubs that comprise the central orchestrated metabolic events that control immune cell function. We have built a pipeline of novel, differentiated drug programs that operate within one of four metabolic hubs: anabolic, catabolic, epigenetic and inflammatory microenvironment. A hub is a group of molecular pathways essential to regulate cellular metabolism of multiple immune cell subtypes and drive system-wide transition in immunologic function. Within each metabolic hub, there are multiple pathways that can be the focus for identifying targets for new medicines and associated molecular signature for patient subsetting.