A New Path to Precision.

Rheos is leading the way with molecularly-targeted medicines for patients with autoimmune & inflammatory diseases.

The Challenge:

Today’s treatments fail to address the heterogeneity of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases that affect an estimated 7% of the U.S. population. For many of these chronic, progressive diseases, the majority of patients do not respond to current one-size-fits-all treatments, and many experience challenging side effects.

Our Solution:

Rheos Medicines is changing the paradigm. We have put into practice a new approach that enables us to develop precision medicines for autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, designed for each subset of patients based on our understanding of what drives these diseases in different patient groups. Using our proprietary MetPM™ platform, the Rheos team elucidates the heterogeneity of underlying autoimmune and inflammatory disease mechanisms through a metabolic lens, addressing the pathways essential to metabolic regulation of multiple immune cell subtypes to drive system-wide transitions in immunologic function. In this way, we will leverage specifically targeted therapies for patients affected by autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, by selecting the right therapy for every patient.

Rheos is taking a major step forward as we focus on treating autoimmune and inflammatory diseases with greater precision.

Rheos has developed the MetPM™ platform with proprietary technologies to integrate vast datasets and multi-omics analyses of human immune cells, enabling a new understanding of immunometabolism to identify therapeutic targets and establish molecular signatures to predict patient response.

Precision Therapies

Advance molecularly-targeted medicines to improve outcomes in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases

Metabolic Insight

Applying our unique scientific insight of immune cell metabolism to find key access points for targeting immune-mediated diseases

Patient Subsetting

Identify molecular signatures to predict patient response and select the right therapy for every patient

Breadth of Diseases

Expand therapeutics that target fundamental mechanisms of disease across multiple indications

difference is our Team

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Our MetPM platform enables us to view the mechanisms of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases through a metabolic lens – so Rheos can develop molecularly-targeted medicines and direct them to the patients who will respond to treatment.